Friday, March 28, 2014

Earth Hour

Since Earth Hour falls this Saturday, we have been talking a lot (even more than usual) about the environment and what we can to to reduce our carbon footprint.

I like to take the opportunity to also encourage my students' families to participate in Earth Hour, not only because it's good for awareness, but also because it can be a really enjoyable experience for families. Several years ago, I started marking Earth Hour with my family as a time to turn off the lights, light some nice candles, and pull out a board game or a puzzle. It's calmer, lots of fun, and it soon turned into something that I look forward to each year!

So, I wanted to share a list with you that I send out to parents of students in my class, in hopes that they also take the time to have some good old fashioned fun together!

Fun, family activities to do during Earth Hour:

- play a board game by candlelight
- go for a neighbourhood walk (incorporate math by counting & graphing the houses that have their lights off!)
- read together by candlelight
- build a puzzle
- play cards by candlelight
- colour together
- play charades
- go stargazing
- do yoga
- build a blanket fort
- make a domino maze... and then knock it over!
- build a city out of lego
- build a house of cards
- act out your family's favourite movie or book

Most of all, have fun! :)

~ B

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